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Bainbridge uses some of the best available technology to support property operations and ensure our on-site teams have the tools they need to get the job done.  While the technology providers listed below are our preferred solutions, we are completely nimble and able to adapt to owner’s preferred systems and technologies.

RealPage OneSite

OneSite is Bainbridge Management’s primary property management software.  All payment receipts, resident history, demographic information, financial and accounting transactions and work orders are entered and recorded within this program.  This system is supported by our RealPage Support Team, who handle questions or problems that on-site or accounting team members are experiencing within the program.

If requested, OneSite data can be adapted to the owners’ format and chart of accounts. The property will incur the monthly cost and annual license fee just as they would with OneSite. We have the ability to create custom reports within OneSite upon request. In addition, real-time access is available to any client without limitation. If a client wishes to use a system other than OneSite we can easily adapt to other operating systems.

RealPage Credit Screening

Bainbridge uses RealPage for application screening.  The on-site team enters the prospective resident’s information into the program and a result determination is produced to determine credit worthiness/risk level.

Decision points are set up for each site in advance based on acceptable risk level desired at the property. Once the applicants are processed via the program, a decision point is assigned to that applicant and a result decision is generated – approved, approved with conditions or denied. If an applicant is approved with conditions, a higher deposit is required.

RealPage Resident Portal

A product of RealPage, this system offers residents the ease and convenience of paying rent and submitting service requests through an online portal. We have the ability to accept credit cards, money orders, and direct-debit payments from residents, which speeds up bank deposits.

RealPage Online Leasing

RealPage Online Leasing is software that attaches to our property websites and ILS (Internet listing services) ads.  Online Leasing provides real-time pricing and availability via a “check availability” button.  From here, prospects can select their apartment and begin the leasing process.

RealPage Online Leasing pulls a daily feed out of OneSite in which unit availability, amenity and unit pricing are available for viewing.  The applicant can choose to see a particular amenity that is available and RealPage Online Leasing will reflect all available units with that amenity. Prospective applicants can then select a unit for reservation and pre-screen their credit online. In addition, future residents can sign their lease document online.


LevelOne (a RealPage company) is the centralized 24/7 leasing call center focused on the multifamily industry. In addition to providing consistent, high quality call handling for the property, LevelOne ensures that no calls are missed, regardless of when the call comes in. In today’s world where apartment renters are often searching for apartments after their working hours (sometimes after the property’s leasing office is closed), this service makes sure that every caller speaks to a live person and not an answering service. LevelOne also has the ability to see real-time availability and pricing, and can set appointments for the leasing team.


Lead2Lease (a RealPage company) is a fully integrated web-based lead management system that ensures that 100% of leasing leads are managed perfectly. This system tracks every lead from origination at the source, through all of the follow-up procedures and requirements, and finally as a lease. The Regional Management team and Marketing Department also utilize Lead2Lease for tracking demand for properties and floor plans, marketing source effectiveness and on-site team productivity.

Revenue Management

Bainbridge uses YieldStar from RealPage for revenue management. Revenue management tools have been utilized by most REIT’s and many large property management firms who wish to centralize pricing decisions for their portfolio.

Utility Management

Bainbridge utilizes several utility billing companies to create a monthly consolidated billing statement of all charges for each resident. The most prevalent is Velocity from RealPage. We typically bill back all or a portion of water, sewer, gas, trash, and electric charges. Residents are notified of utility and rent bills via email or postcard.

Leasing Desk

This is one of the leading renter’s insurance programs to protect both the property owner’s assets and the resident’s possessions.


EPMS is the nation’s leading mystery shopping service and provider of in-depth reports comparing and ranking the scores of approximately 45 top national property management companies. We regularly mystery shop all of our leasing associates throughout the year to make sure that their sales presentation is perfect every time.


SatisFacts is a powerful suite of performance assessment programs and tools to measure customer service and resident satisfaction.  We send out surveys at least two times per year for every resident. The first survey arrives 30 days after their move-in, and the second survey arrives 90 days before their lease expiration. Numerical scoring of responses allows us to rank property performance overall as well as in specific focus areas.

Hunter Warfield

Hunter Warfield is one of the nation’s premier debt collection firms. This service is integrated with our property management software so the property has the ability to electronically transfer collections files each month.  All unpaid amounts are transferred to HW after 30 days of in-house collection activity.