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At Bainbridge, we understand that quality leadership begins with lasting partnerships. We believe strongly in the value of great relationships with everyone involved in the development process. We work tirelessly with the entire team to ensure the success of every project. Our team at Bainbridge has a great passion for innovation and hard work.

Bainbridge utilizes our own in-house development and construction departments in each development and acquisition we undertake. Bainbridge provides a personalized level of service using the significant experience and technical capabilities that we have available in-house.

We believe there is no substitute for hands-on service or the accountability and integrity it creates.

Our Strategy:
Bainbridge develops, builds, acquires and re-positions superior residential and commercial properties. We expertly take advantage of favorable market conditions in order to maximize returns for our business partners while creating high quality communities for our customers. Our projects include the latest innovations in technology, communications, architecture and sustainable design practices.

Our Team:
The principals and management staff of Bainbridge have combined experience on redeveloped and repositioned properties encompassing approximately 25,000 multifamily residential units, as well as new development and construction projects encompassing approximately 20,000 units. Bainbridge currently manages approximately 21,000 multifamily units and several commercial properties in various stages of development, construction, or renovation. Our in-house development/construction team members have backgrounds in multiple related disciplines including real estate, planning, law, design, engineering, business, and construction of multifamily, office, retail and hotel properties.

Our Execution:
Each new development/construction and redevelopment/renovation project receives a thorough “turn-key” execution including:

  • Due diligence, planning and budgeting
  • Design and engineering management
  • Governmental approvals and permitting
  • Purchasing and contracting
  • Value engineering
  • Construction management/general contracting
  • Production, cost and quality control
  • Loss prevention and risk management