You Belong Here

We believe work shouldn’t feel like work.

It should feel like a calling and a purpose. For us, that means providing a superior level of customer service, being part of a stellar internal team and creating great experiences – for our residents, our partners, our clients and our team members.

At Bainbridge Companies, our success is a direct result of our outstanding team. In an 18-month period we have nearly doubled in size, and as we continue to expand, we are looking to add new members to our team.

Being exceptional begins with hiring the right people, which is why we developed “The9,” a list of characteristics we look for when bringing new members onto our team.

The9 are based on our cultural values:

  • We value PASSIONATE PEOPLE who like to have fun.
  • We value INNOVATION.
  • We value RELATIONSHIPS built on trust, open communication, empowerment and respect.
  • We value the PERSONAL TOUCH, and strive to enhance the experience for those we serve.

What Are The9?

  1. Good Communication :: You are a good listener who can articulate in speech and writing. You treat others with respect and maintain poise in stressful situations.
  2. Sound Judgment :: You make wise decisions by looking at the root cause of a problem and the unexpected implications of a decision.
  3. Create Impact :: You focus on great results and consistently perform. Your colleagues know they can count on you.
  4. Curiosity :: You’re a continual learner. You seek better ways and strive to keep on learning about our industry, market and business.
  5. Drive & Embrace Innovation :: You’re always looking for a better way and approach problems from different angles to uncover unexpected solutions.
  6. Courage :: You’re not afraid to speak your mind, even when it’s controversial. You make tough decisions with grace, pushing yourself to take risks when it’s appropriate. 
  7. Passion :: You view the company’s success as your own success. You celebrate wins and strive to inspire others.
  8. Honesty :: You are unbiased, candid and direct. When you make a mistake, you own up to it and strive to learn from it.
  9. Presence :: You are a polished professional. Your grace and demeanor send the message that you are competent and confident.

Sound like you?

If you embody these values and characteristics, we invite you to explore the current career opportunities at The Bainbridge Companies. Please apply directly for one of the positions using the form below or send your resume to